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2015/2016 Projects

Hypo Help aims to develop a portable product that educates the public on what to do if they encounter a person with diabetes experiencing severe low blood sugar.

This innovative product would be largely audio-visual, making it more specific and easily digested than the abundance of written information on diabetes management. The audio-visual aspect could allow the product to cross the language barrier and, consequently, allow its use internationally. The potential impact on the wider community includes preventing hospitalisation due to severe low blood sugar locally, nationally and internationally; and preventing the substantial health economic burden and the development of conditions, e.g. cardiovascular disease, associated with severe low blood sugar.

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Project Updates

To date, a mock-up of the product’s design has been created and is being finalised. Ideas and a script for the video associated with the product are being discussed and finalised, and a graphic designer for the product is being decided on.

Since the last report, several parties have been, and are being, consulted in order to critique the product’s design. Production of the final design of the product and the accompanying video will begin once this process ends, which will be very soon.