NUI Galway Mini Med School

NUI Galway Mini Med School

2015/2016 Projects

This project will pilot a new student-led, interactive model at NUI Galway for promoting NUI Galway healthcare education and cancer awareness by engaging secondary school students interested in pursuing a medical related career.

150 Transition, 5th and 6th years students will be invited to attend four sessions covering: Clinical Medicine, Nursing, Research, and Innovation (the encompassing theme will be onocology). Speakers will include world-leading oncology researchers and interactive practical activities relating to the topic will also be included. Mini Med school will be hosted by NUI Galway healthcare students, and will feature Q&A sessions post lecture, where the attendees can freely ask questions and obtain advice from current students on both study and career opportunities.

Project Team & Links

Lead student partners: Rosemary James
Lead staff partner:  Dr. Muriel Grenon

Student partners:
Rosemary James
Ashita Dutta
Sean O’Dea
Nadia VanDenBerg
Daniel Lim
James Ryan
Taha Elsherif
Adibah Badrin
Katie Cummins
Grace Doherty
Sean Hartigan
Aedin O’Keefe
Niki Warner
Emergency Medicine Society (EMSSI)
NUI Galway Cancer Society
Surgical Society

Staff partners:
Dr. Muriel Grenon
Dr. Roisin Dwyer
Dr. Paul Donnellan
Dr. Eva Szegezdi
Mrs Rachael Dolton
Dr. Louise Horrigan
Mrs Fionnuala Creighton

Project Updates

Mini Med School 2016 has seen an immensely positive reception at it’s opening session on Wednesday, 27th January. With over 25 medical student volunteers, and 150+ attendees, we were overwhelmed with the turnout. Opening speaker Dr Sean Dinneen, Head of Medicine at NUI Galway, spoke about how valuable it was to have secondary school students come to see our health science building, Aras Moyola, and to have the chance to speak to current medical students. Speakers from the Cancer themed night were consultant oncologist, Dr Paul Donnellan, and physiology teacher at NUI Galway, Dr Louise Horrigan. After the lectures, students moved into workshop rooms to lean CPR, sling tying, and how to measure blood pressure. Irish Coast Guards and local paramedics volunteered their time to help run these workshops, which taught valuable life skills to the students.
The secondary school students, along with their parents, seemed to really enjoy the whole evening, which lasted from 19:00 to 21:30. Some had driven over an hour commute – but said that they will no doubt be returning for the next three sessions, and looking forward to them too. Mini Med School 2016 Aspires to Inspire students into pursuing healthcare related degrees at NUI Galway. The next three sessions will run every Wednesday until February 17th.

The NUI Galway Mini Med School concluded on February 17 2016. The attendees listened to Dr Eva Szegezdi speak about the new, innovative Cancer Blood Biobank set up by Blood Cancer Network Ireland. They were then treated to a talk by medical students, about how to score well on the Health Professions Admissions Test (HPAT). Finally, they participated in a large scale table quiz, consisting of questions from all 4 sessions that they listed to. Most teams scored exceptionally well – proving that they really paid attention during the lectures! Their certificates of attendance, which have been signed by the Dean of Medicine, Professor Tim O’Brien, Dean of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences, were then presented. The organising team of NUI Galway Mini Med School is now analysing the results of participant’s survey to finalise the concluding project report and generate guidelines for the possible continuation of this event next year, on a different theme.